HG Technology
Providers of Antimicrobial Technology
and Biodegradable Plastic

HG Technology is a company fully involved in product development and environmental solutions for our customers. After years of research and development, our company has been dedicated in working with companies around the world to provide our customers with the demand for organic, biodegradable and antimicrobial products. We have developed effective solutions that solve, respect and care for our environment for this generation and generations to come.


We know that every client is unique, therefore we offer personalized efficient service with excellence.

One area to highlight in our company is quality, implicit in the daily activity of our company. Our priority is responding effectively to the needs of each customer with the utmost respect and care for our environment.

Each year based on continued market needs, we tailor our work system by maintaining a close and trusting relationship with our customers. In a highly competitive market we are convinced that change and adaptation opens new and interesting avenues.


Our goal is to maintain a close personal relationship and trust with our clients by providing the highest quality service, with a product that is highly qualified and friendly to our environment.

In the future, we will remain a growing company, reliable, safe, skilled and caring for all who work in it and for both clients and suppliers alike.


The commitment and dedication of a highly qualified team, with the support of the most advanced technology, makes HG Technology the most suitable company to market this technology, credited as the most avant-garde in this speciality market.

Our commitment is to gain the satisfaction that our customers and our environment expect of us.